Fat girl dating site: Finding Your Match Online

Nowadays, fat women more often become wives of foreigners. Being in search of better life conditions outside their country, they are trying to start a new life and create a family with a rich foreign man. Considering the state of state’s economy and the unemployment rate, it is not surprising that the popular majority of fat girl population are dreaming about immigration. At the present time, Slavic men cannot afford to buy gifts, carry girls to the resorts, present jewelry and luxury cars. However, any fat girl would like to live in a developed country with clean streets, good education, advanced health care sector, and a lot of opportunities for her children. In other words, stable future and confidence in the future for themselves and their children, that’s what single fat women want. Having no other way out, fat single girls register on the dating sites to meet their future husband and leave the country.

Though the above arguments are quite reasonable and have sense, many people wonder: why single fat women dream to marry a foreigner. Are there less men in this country who generally want to create a family? There is a well-known stereotype in all post-soviet countries that all good men got married when being students. Therefore, with no desire to split their families and to share their men, women are forced to search for their love abroad.

Driven by a pure desire of finding sincere, honest relations based on love, trust and loyalty, lovely fat women create their profiles on dating platforms and dream to meet their Mr. Right there. They are convinced that having found a foreigner they will get all their problems solved and will be able to start a new life.

However, very often, the reality of life in a foreign country does not meet expectations of fat women, who are faced with problems that were not even imagined. When being a wife of a foreigner, they are tired of working at home and keeping the household; they are forced to earn money again to have the right to vote in the independence of another country. When in their country, women would never have got down to the first available job; they could settle on a specialty. However, it is more difficult to do that in a different country, where their diploma is necessary to nobody. It turns out that they have only the status of the foreigner with no professional prospects and future.

Nevertheless, there are also a lot of happy international couples who met each other on a dating website, where are a lot of single fat women pictures and everyone can meet his destiny. It is not always a good idea to be pessimistic in romantic affairs.